Welcome to FilmCup!

FilmCup is a market conference and a co-production meeting for Cinema and Television.

It takes place for 3 days in São Paulo in the last week of November every year with a country as the special guest of honor, in 2014 it was in Italy.

FilmCup will address conferences from the development of scripts, study cases, financing and distributing of different genres and different media. A screening of an Italian Author will be shown to the public during this week.

FilmCup is dedicated to all professionals of cinema and television, interested on different forms international cooperations: producers, directors, script writers, distributors, TV channels and world sales. FilmCup 2019 will feature a special workshop on which cameras are best for indie directors,  with a limited participants number, in official cooperation with established filmmakers from USA, Mexico, Brazil and Italy.

A selection committee of 7, with professionals indicated by partner institutions will select 11 projects from each country – projects of different genres (fiction, documentary and animation) and for different medias (cinema, TV and new plattforms).

Each selected project will indicate one representative that will be invited to FilmCup in Brazil to participate on the pitchings and one-to-one meetings.

Accepting Short Films!

As part of our revamp of our esteemed film festival, we are now accepting applications for short films. Again, it must follow the guidelines for our film festival. It must be either a fiction, documentary, animation, that have the potential to be distributed on an international level.

We are looking for the next international filmmaker extraordinaire – the next Wong Kar Wai, the next Luis Brunel or Guillermo del Toro. Contact us for further details.


Our Selection Process

  1. Movies and series aimed to be an international co-production Brazil – Italy.
  2. Feature films for Cinema and Television with more than 52 minutes
  3. Audiovisual projects for television or cinema of all genres, – fiction, documentary, animation, that have the potential to be an international coproduction;
  4. The projects selected for presentation must provide at least one version of the treatment in English.
  5. The projects are free to be realized in any kind of media formats, digital or analog.
  6. In the case of adaptations from literature with existing copyright restrictions, a formal authorization for the release of the copyrighted work must be provided, according to the laws of the country.
  7. In the case of animation projects, the submission of a storyboard is not necessary, only the treatment, reference images and artwork of the main characters. If selected, it is recommended that the project can present different examples of artwork and images for possible co-producers, financiers and partners.
  8. In the case of movies that have the plan to expand to television series, the presentation of a pilot is not mandatory.


Top 11 Projects for the Conference

  1. The selection commitee will have professionals from Italy and from Brazil. They will be indicated by 6 partner institutions of FilmCup Brasil & Italy.
  2. The selection committee select 11 projects to be presented at the event. They will be around 6 projects for cinema (fiction, documentary and animation) and 5 projects for TV co-production (fiction, documentary, animation)
  3. Complementary projects may be nominated and selected by determination of the selection committee;
  4. There will be two selection committees, one in Italy and one in Brazil, each one with 4 representatives that will be indicated by partner institutions.
  5. Representative projects of all genres and projects to be released on different platforms will be selected.
  6. It is very important that the submitted projects have a real potential for a co-production between Brazil and Italy;
  7. In a pitching of 7 minutes projects will be presented to potential production and financing partners.
  8. Projects will also have one-to-one meetings organized by the FilmCup organization.
  9. The result of the selection of the 11 Brazilian projects and the 11 Italian projects will be announced via email by the beggining of october 2013;
  10. Each selected project that is not officially in São Paulo will indicate one person to participate on the pitching and one-to-one meetings, representing the project to potencial partners.


In october 2012, the first edition of FilmCup took place at Ítau Cultural, right in the center of São Paulo. With the main goal to strengthen the ties of the audiovisual industries of Brazil and Germany, the 3 days of FilmCup 2012 featured:

  • Profound debates and discussions on contemporary issues of the audiovisual industry, presented by invited professionals from both countries.
  • Pitchings of 11 projects from both countries, pre-selected by a jury of professionals from both countries.
  • Individual meetings between producers, directors, screenwriters and distributors.
  • A special screening of german films during the 36th Mostra International Film Festival São Paulo.